Selasa, 10 Julai 2012

action speaks louder than words

Allah is the only God that we pray to and we ask to.. No other God except HIM.

Action speaks louder than words.
Last time, i saw these words on my friend's laptop.. 
Feeling like the words were there FOR ME as reminder..

sensitif kan?


yeah, it is not objected to declare:
In some conditions, briliant words are very important, but in polite and touching way.. [fuh direct translation nih]

yet in most condition, action will touch more than words...
As Rasulullah s.a.w done to a rude Yahudi in rural area of Makkah..

How can i do this?
How i want to apply this..
As enough and wise as Rasulullah s.a.w did??

cita-cita menggunung kan. nak jadi baik tu, nak jadi macam Nabi terus..
Ye lah, bukan ke Nabi ikutan kita?

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