Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Have a safe journey my dear siblings and friends

Hasil carian imej untuk serabut

Please have a look to this picture.
What is the first WORD strikes your mind after a glance?

different mind will define differently.
But for me..
The above picture tells me about below.

Hasil carian imej untuk serabut

And now let us think a step further.
Can we easily get "serabut" with only that miserable girl in the picture?
Of course, NO!

Don't forget.
"Serabut" is only at a glance.
If we give some more time, then we will see the different perspective of the first picture.

Hasil carian imej untuk smiley thinking

Our perspective really influenced by on our own condition.
Even a volcano can be something 'nice' to see..

Hasil carian imej untuk volcano

If we are in peace and calm condition..
or we can say it as "dalam hati ada taman"....

Hasil carian imej untuk beautiful garden

So, take home message for today is SEE YOUR LIFE DIFFERENTLY!
and you will notice the differences..!

Hasil carian imej untuk bon voyage

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