Rabu, 20 November 2013

Talking and mumbling

Bismillahi rahmani rahim.

In the name of Allah most Beneficient and the most Merciful.


I'm practicing my english. It was about 1 year ago, was the last time using english in my daily life activities, writing and reading..

Seems like 'oh my english' will be soon become reality. -_-'

Today and since 1 year ago i had just using my english for reading.. And maybe for sometime i used to use some simple english sentences or phrases..


Becoming a good pharmacist is a bit challanging,
Yet becoming a good and pious (bertaqwa) pharmacist is double degree of challanging...

If Allah is excluded.


Let us take some time to 'fly high through the whitish blue sky'...

Oh.. Before going further, i would like you to know that this writting will be sooo pharmacist related. Sorry, if you cannot appreciate the value or if you are not even one of them..


Outpatient pharmacists do have 2 big different jobscopes.

First common qspect of pharmacist's job and should not be explained anymore:

dispensing, filling, counterchecking, screening, doing treatment intervention when necessary, providing drugs and medical related information, keep themselves updated with drug information and ensuring their healthcare team also 'at par' or educated with the same update.

Another unknown and of course no body know these list of roles except the staffs who are working in the same department (ok this is a little bit exagerating)

Doing the management task..

Supervising the assistant pharmacist; or known as 'penolong pegawai farmasi' short formed as 'ppf'..

Managing the technical part of the pharmacy from the layout and storage of the stocks up to statistics and all the written documentation..

Do outpatient pharmacists in primary health care (klinik kesihatan) have any other job?


and this is... New service.
Not every pharmacist in primary health care will be given this responsibility yet.. (soon might be insyaAllah..)

Supervising and running methadone replacement therapy clinic..

From the technical part of clinic's setting until patient observation.. Pharmacists do have their role with the help of medical assitants, 'pembantu pegawai kesihatan', doctors and specialists... However most of the time, pharmacists will be the most regular health care provider who will meet the patients.


Ok.. Listing those 3 most urgent pharmacist role is enough to draw out how much important becoming a good and pious (taqwa) pharmacists is..

Eventhough these are "only" 3 jobs..
In my point of view, it is enough to trap me in a 'busy' life as such as pharmacists working in secondary health care services.


Sometime there is striking on my mind..

"why do pharmacists themselves declare that working in primary healthcare centre as -not busy-"

May be about the working time.
Pharmacists in primary healthcare do not have night shift like the pharmacists in secondary and tertiary healthcare centre.. (Working the whole night and go back at 7 or 8 am next morning).

It just might be.
But most of the Pharmacists in tertiary and secondary healthcare centre will do less management part except seniors.. (even, if these seniors doing the management role, then they will do less pharmacists 'pure task').

>> LESS doesnt mean never. It just meant not more. =p


Supervising older and experienced 'ppf's is not an easy 'frying nut' (kacang gorengg) task.. ~Taksenangla maksudnya.

At the same time to ensure quality working environment and services from the technical aspects up to really pharmacists role.


Something to ponder before i end my 'short' english essay tonight.


What is your definition of <QUALITY> ??

End of the session.
Jazakumullahu khayran katheera.

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