Sabtu, 1 Jun 2013

we think we know but actually it is not..

This is only chit chat after so+full thinking about human being behaviour..


It was a long time ago, lived in a quiet and peace community. The place now, after more than 12 years.. still the same quiet and peace.

the silentness [macam salah perkataan je ni?] and the peaceful condition is only a 'skin' presentation!

Too much of 'assumption' within community. Nothing is very sure. interpretation done without assurance. Such a weird life. How does the community survived for such long time?? Really amazed..

"our neighbour has no intention to become our friend".. (at the same time, the one who was talking had received an invitation for special occasion that will be held in that particular neighbour's house)

>> such confusing statement?!

to remove the confusion.. a question was ASKed.

"oh? how do you know?.. but they had invited us to his special occasion"

the answer received did not remove the confusion yet get even more confused!

"i know la.. by intention; they actually want to be friends with certain people there and there and not us actually"..

>> ha? how come a human knows what is actually 'the intention' inside other human's heart??.. hehe. a very big confusion there..

Then the chit chat continued as below;

"So long time becoming their friend, but no time and no space to talk about islam"

then the conversation could not be continued due to several shortcomings.

A very important question to be ask here is..

Is dakwah is define as TALKING about islam? or.. giving a lecture? or series of lectures?

and of course the answer is..

Dakwah is our life.
It can be done by talking and lectures BUT not merely by that..

how does the Islam can be propagated and widespread.. if we have so much 'assumptions'.. and decided to live 'far' away from the community [a positive word to describe isolating ourselves]..

Assumptions are to be cleared, even we think the are such much evidences proved our assumptions.

Clear here means >> to get explanations or to remove it from our precious brain (since spaces in our brain are needed for other important work and jobs).

if we think that it is so silly to get explanation for our 'not important' assumption.. then we have to tell ourselves that, the 'not important' assumption is so not important and should not being saved in our brain..

At the end of the day, the 'not important' assumption will not influence our daily actions, deeds and talks. Especially those bad assumptions.

hence.. we can live happier and really peaceful.. not such a surface and fake peaceful as before.


I know I'm not the best human.. but i will always try my best! InsyaAllah.
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes (if it is there), to be improved.

Good night! Remember Allah always.

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