Ahad, 25 Disember 2011

Discover the real you by dicovering the roots of

your PERSONALITY TREE.  -this is title of a white covered book available in IIUM K library.

by Florence Littauer.

amaran: buku ini berbau sedikit kristian. Tapi mana yang tidak bercanggah masih ok untuk di baca.

I'm not going to summarize every points inside this book. Just to share with you, the classification of human by; who was you during your childhood.

cheerful, bubling, happy-go-lucky child, avoid chores, manage to fine friends, having little buddies who wouldn't go anywhere without you, everybody said you was funny, alwas want FUN.

in control of family by time was 3 years old, able to observe "adults are not necessarily brighter", finish doing school work faster than others, become captain of the teams, always want to CONTROL

very sensitive to surrounding, easily moved tears, line up toys in row, do homework ontime, feel "sorry" for poor children..HAVING PERFECTION

passive in playpen, your mother always brag "you are a good baby and never gave her any trouble", doing school work ontime and no extra projects, try to keep everyone happy, avoid getting trouble.. desire is to have PEACE

I would like to write more about this.. InsyaAllah..

Walau apa pun, jangan lupa jenis manusia disisi Allah juga telah di beritahu dalam AL-QURAN.

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